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Our Mission



The mission of the Johnson County Christmas Bureau (JCCB) is to:

Annual Report 2018


  • Provide warmth and support, during the winter holiday season, to low-income Johnson County, Kansas families;                                                   
  • Increase awareness and understanding of poverty in Johnson County, Kansas; and
  • Give neighbors an outlet to help neighbors.

We serve between nearly 12,000 low-income neighbors each year. We meet our mission by running two programs and utilizing volunteers for almost all functions. For information concerning volunteers please go to the volunteer page.





We run a 8-day Holiday Shop during the month of December. At the Holiday Shop pre-qualified clients shop by appointment. All clients are below 150% of the poverty level and reside in Johnson County, Kansas. The Holiday Shop is similar to a much smaller version of a department store. Our Holiday Shop is the original pop-up. Each client is assisted by a volunteer.

Each client can pick out:


Watch a short video about the Holiday Shop.


  • groceries
  • personal care items (items such as soap, shampoo, diapers, toilet paper, hygiene products, toothbrushes and much more)
  • holiday gifts (often it is the only holiday gift a child receives)
  • books
  • winter clothing for children and teens, ages 0 – 17
  • hats, gloves and scarves
  • a gift for themselves
  • winter coats (for many children it will be their only winter coat).

Applications available October 9, 2019 – see contact information for Client Services on the Contact Us page.

Dates are December 4 – 11, 2019 and the location is at: 11750 S Strangline Rd, Olathe KS  66062 (formerly Best Buy.)

A heartfelt “Thank you!” to Block & Company, Inc., Realtors for arranging this 2019 Shop location!   


Nursing homes can pick up packages at the beginning of the Holiday Shop to distribute to their residents on Medicaid. Packages can include various different items such as pajamas, slipper socks, twin bedding, lap quilts, tool belts and walker bags. The nursing homes then distribute the packages to their residents. If you are a Johnson County nursing home serving residents on Medicaid, please contact us for more information.

Our Mission

Our Mission

We have a three part mission to: provide warmth and support, during the winter holiday season, to low-income Johnson County families; increase awareness and understanding of poverty in Johnson County; and give neighbors an outlet to help neighbors. Read More

Who We Help

Who We Help

We help our Johnson County neighbors who live below 150% of the poverty level. The neighbors living in poverty are moms, children, the clerk at the store, and others we interact with every day. Learn More

How We Help

How We Help

We provide warmth and support to low-income Johnson County families at the Holiday Shop and through nursing homes. Read More



Volunteers are vital to the fulfillment of our mission. Over 150 volunteers serve year-round; over 3,000 volunteer slots are available seasonally. Learn More

We are a grass roots agency that gives generous souls the opportunity to give to others. JCCB provides holiday assistance each year to 10,000-12,000 low-income residents of Johnson County, Kansas. Yes - There is poverty in Johnson County, Kansas.


If poverty were a city, it would be the fifth largest city in Johnson County.


34,000 Johnson County residents live below the federal poverty level.

Who is Poor

Children and Youth represent 1/3 of the poor.



Funds and in-kind donations are needed in order to help our neighbors. Please consider donating. Donate

Sponsors & Partners

Sponsors & Partners

Thank you to all of our sponsors, grantors and community partners. Please take a moment to see who are our sponsors, grantors and partners. Sponsors-Grantors-Partners



Holiday Shop 2019 EVENT DETAILS



Our monthly newsletters have a lot of information about our activities, committees, and events. Read Our Newsletters

The Holiday Shop and What We Give Our Neighbors

The Holiday Shop

The Holiday Shop. November 30-December 8, 2018. Set up days to be announced. To volunteer click the word volunteer. 


Every family visiting the Shop receives enough food for the entire family to have fully balanced nutritional meals for three days. Please consider running a food drive to help our neighbors. 


Every client who needs a warm winter coat receives a coat. Imagine not having a winter coat for your child on a cold winter day. 


A toy for all children. We try to obtain educational toys that are manipulative and promote literacy. Children without educational toys are at a disadvantage when starting school. 


Diapers. Toothbrushes. Tooth Paste. Hygiene products. Soap and shampoo. Toilet paper and paper towels. Imagine not being able to stay clean, not having toilet paper and/or not having clean diapers. 


We distribute gifts for children, teenagers and adults. Often it is the only holiday gift a child receives. Many mom’s cry when they find out their child will receive a gift this year.


One of each for every child of each family we help. Many of these items are knitted by volunteers. A true neighbor helping neighbor experience. 


We give a new outfit to our client’s children. Many of these children will not receive any other new clothing this year. All clothing is new. 


We have books for all members of all of our families. Each family gets to select books that interest them. Childrens’ books are important to cognitive development. 


Nursing home residents on medicaid, who are not receiving assistance from their own families, receive items such as lap blankets, sweaters, slipper socks, walker bags and more.


“I want to express my gratitude for what you have done for me through the Christmas Bureau. I have no close family left. That’s why I am so grateful for your Christmas Bureau. Last year you helped me find a light jacket that fit me and I wear it around the house ALL the time. That way I can keep the heat lower. This year I got another jacket that fit, and I am so happy about that. I sincerely appreciate your volunteers that helped me find the foods that I wanted and could eat. Your volunteers were so helpful, cheerful and kind. I know some people don’t recognize that there is poverty in Johnson County. There, however, are people like me. You are SO important to SO many people!! Thank you, one and all, for your kindness and your caring.”

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